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    Shanghai Cai Peng building materials Co., Ltd. is a new environment-friendly building materials in one company specialized in development, production, sales and construction of tile. The company was founded in 2000, a total investment of about 20000000 yuan, the introduction of advanced production line of Italy and Japan, the annual production of 20000000 pieces of tile. The production of slate, slate, tile Spain, Portugal tiles, diamond tile, tile, S tile, scales and tile, w Rhine, Roman tiles, antique tiles and other more than 20 varieties of tile, in East China is the concrete tile industry the most complete varieties of professional enterprises, many times by the quality supervision of China brick and tile industry association and the national building materials industry of wall and roof materials testing center named "top standard enterprise".
         Companies in strict accordance with the "JC/T746-2007 concrete tile" standard production tile, natural durability to water the waterproof structure, unique ultra high strength, low rate, color, lasting frost resistance, convenient construction won the majority of customers praise. We have been committed to meet customer demand, the rational collocation of roof tile, tile roof system components and accessories, create multiple solutions roofing system function clear, achieve ecological, energy saving, low carbon, innovation, improve the quality of residents' life, to create value for customers, provide one-stop complete roof system. Companies adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead, reflect the style, beautification of roof" concept, and Vanke, Hengda, poly, CNOOC, gold, green, Huarun, decimating, Hopson, Rongqiao, Hengsheng, Shanghai farming, Henderson and many other real estate giants long-term friendly cooperation, warmly welcome new and old customers throughout the guide, to join hands in creating a better tomorrow.  >>More

Cement Tile —— Countryside(Product code:20)

Cement Tile —— Rain(Product code:24)

Cement Tile —— Ohira Sakawa(Product code:10)

Cement Tile —— Slate(Product code:11)

Cement Tile —— Scale Tile(Product code:12)Dual scale(Product code

Cement Tile —— Diamond tile(Product code:13)

Cement Tile —— French flat tiles(Product code:14)

Cement Tile —— Provence(Product code:80A)

Cement Tile —— Venice tile(Product code:30A)

Cement Tile —— Wave tile(Product code:90)

Cement Tile —— Romain tile(Product code:01)

Cement Tile —— Portugal tile(Product code:02)

Cement Tile —— Spanish tile(Product code:03)

Cement Tile —— And Watts(Product code:05)

Cement Tile —— Antique crescent tile(Product code:07)

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